But does it work? How do we know? And what does “working” even mean when we combine the arts and activism?”

The Æfficiacy Project is the Center for Artistic Activism’s multi-year, multi-stage investigation into the affective and effective — or Æffective — impact of artistic activism. The project includes everything from a public experiment on the streets of Copenhagen comparing creative and traditional forms of activism to a scholarly white paper on “Assessing the Impact of Artistic Activism” to the development of free tools for evaluating and strengthening the æfficacy of artistic activism projects: our Æffect Planning and Assessment Toolset and the Æffect App.

Based on ten years of practical experience working with artists and activists around the globe and extensive research, including in-depth interviews with over 100 artist-activists, the Æffect App is designed to help artistic activists to plan, strengthen, and assess the æffective impact of their projects.