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Your donations allow us to serve communities who normally wouldn’t be able to afford our programs and help us focus on the most important work we can do.

What does $50 do?
$50 from you means that you’re supporting more than one passionate, creative progressive activist somewhere in the world who is working hard to create their local utopias, enabling them to get access to years of expertise and an incredible network of like-minded people.

Why C4AA?

The Center for Artistic Activism has been helping make more creative activists and more effective artists since 2009. For the past few years we’ve helped some of the most vulnerable people under some of the most repressive regimes around the world. Now we will turn our attention back home, and use what we’ve seen work elsewhere to help build a vibrant alternative to the worldview that has dominated this election.

Negative predictions come easily and the world has enough bitterness. Right now the world needs your vision, your optimism, and your empathy. It needs your drive and motivation. It needs your most compelling stories, your creativity, and it needs your humor. We need new ideas of how the world can work, and new ways to get there. The Center trains people to use these ideas in effective campaigns through proven methodologies. The Center for Artistic Activism will spend the next year training groups and individuals who are looking for creative and effective ways to counteract bigotry, hate, misinformation and fear.

Become a C4AA Sustainer

Becoming a sustainer will help individuals and groups create more effective progressive activist campaigns over the long term. We know that the next four years will take persistence and innovative, and a solid foundation for the Center will mean we can carry out our ambitious strategy for taking on these challenges. Sustainer memberships are annual and will automatically renew, however, you can contact us to cancel the coming year at any time without penalty.

Here’s how you can donate:

Make a one-time Payment via Credit Card or Paypal

You can donate in any amount. Some people give $2, some give thousands. Do what you can.

Become a C4AA Sustainer

At checkout, choose “Make this a Monthly Payment” to become a C4AA Sustainer. Becoming a sustainer will help individuals and groups create more effective progressive activist campaigns over the long term.

Mail a check

You can mail a check to:Center for Artistic Activism
P.O. Box 543
Beacon, NY 12508

Make a donation through your employer

You can ask your company to add us to their Matching Gifts Campaign. Supportive employees at Google and Netflix have already done this.

Your donation is tax deductible

Center for Artistic Activism is a not-for-profit, certified 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable and educational organization.Under IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable and educational organization code, the full amount of your donation is tax deductible against your income. To fully benefit from this great tax benefit that helps you reduce your taxes, please inform and consult your expert tax specialist in regards to each donation you make.