Your all-purpose guide to building a creative voting campaign

We’ve taken our decades’ long experience working with pro-democracy activists across the U.S. and all over the world and collected it into 75 pages of activism gold.

Unleashing Unstoppable Voters has exercises, tools, case studies, and more to help you move forward throughout your campaign process.

You can read through it front to back or use it when you and your team need some extra inspiration or if you’re facing challenges during a particular moment in your campaign.

Peek inside Unleashing Unstoppable Voters

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What is the Unstoppable Voters program?

Through the Center for Artistic Activism’s expansive Unstoppable Voters program, we support creatively risk-taking, strategic, ambitious organizations, people, and projects that address urgent and specific anti-voter attacks. We provide training and community building for individuals and groups who are passionate about protecting the freedom to vote and bringing the needed innovation to that fight. And we provide funding and support to help manifest that innovation and bring real, measurable impact. To date, we’ve helped over 100 organizations and over 1000 individual activists, artists, and everyone in between make voting accessible, safe, joyful, powerful, and irresistible.

Looking for more resources?

The Center for Artistic Activism offers additional online resources here. We have a book The Art of Activism: Your All Purpose Guide to Making the Impossible Possible and accompanying workbook, along with research, tools for evaluation and assessment, and quick tips to inspire and improve your work and our world.