Since 2022, we’ve partnered with A Blade of Grass (ABOG), an organization that supports socially engaged artists, to conduct a research project that would inform the next phase of the organization. ABOG’s Research & Rebuild Project 2022/23 comes after 10 years of impactful work and is led by a new artist-led board. It explores the field of Socially Engaged Art today, and studies the needs and aspirations of practitioners on the ground.

The project includes a literature review, in-person listening sessions in San Francisco, New Orleans, and New York, online sessions focused on cross-sector collaboration, sustainability models, and regional contexts, and one-on-one interviews with a diverse group of specialists. The outcomes will be made available in 2024 through a dedicated website, providing access to the raw data collected, insights, and other resources that can be utilized and repurposed by the general public.