Unstoppable Voters 2021 Interim Report

Fill out the below by Sunday, August 15

Or if there’s an interim date that is better for your project, reach out to rachel@c4aa.org to ask for an adjustment.
Unstoppable Voters 2021: Interim Report

Point Person Contact Info

Who is the single person we can contact to reach everyone necessary on the team?
Project Point Person Name
Project Point Person Name

Project Updates


In accordance with contract provision 2-b under Services: “Take part in C4AA organized communications strategy workshop, read and use provided social media and press toolkits, and share with C4AA its communications and press outreach plans in the Interim Report.”
Put in this part of the Salon: https://salon.c4aa.org/c/unstoppable-voters-grantees/comms-updates/35. In accordance with contract provision 2-f under Services: “Take videos and photos of rehearsals and processes, and choose the best ones to share with C4AA and the communications team.”
In accordance with contract provision under Reporting: “Please send links to all press mentions and high resolution scans of print mentions as they occur. In general, respond to requests for information like bios of participants, numbers in audiences, project descriptions, quotes, etc. to enable C4AA to promote the projects and impact. “


Make sure this spreadsheet is up to date and full of information! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h16UThzFm4LYdoAVzprbRIlXY-QufTsrS7tYoS-d7iM/edit?usp=sharing. In accordance with contract provision 2-e under Services: “Tell C4AA about upcoming actions and events at least 8 business days before they happen, and ideally 14 business days before they happen.”

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