If you’re reading this, you’re a valued member of our Unstoppable Voters family. 🙂  

You may have heard, but this year is shaping up to be a pretty big one for elections in the U.S. While a lot is uncertain, one thing we know for sure is just how smart, creative, effective (and affective) this community is. We also know that community is one of the things that will help us power through 2024. 

We’d like to find ways for the Unstoppable Voters community to support each other from near and far this year. Please help us get a sense of what might be most helpful to you by filling out this brief survey by May 15th.

Unstoppable Voters Alumni Survey 2024

Unstoppable Voters Alumni Engagement Information

Fellowship? Workshop? Convening? Project Support? Let us know how you think of us 🙂
Which of the following are you interested in? Check all that apply.
In community calls where we can brainstorm and help each other problem-solve and dream, what frequency would be most helpful?
Which platforms would you prefer? Check all that apply.
Would you be open to helping to coordinate these meet-ups in your city/state?
What type of information and/or support would you be interested in receiving from the Unstoppable Voters community this year? Check all that apply.

Can You Join Us for National Voter Education Week?

National Voter Education Week (NVEW) is a nonpartisan campaign to help voters bridge the gap between registering to vote and actually casting a ballot. During this week of interactive education, October 7-11 this year, voters have the opportunity to find their polling location, understand their ballot, make a plan to vote, and inspire others to get involved. C4AA is happy to be on the steering committee of NVEW this year, and we want you to join us by being an NVEW partner! Being a partner is free and it’s easy to sign up, and you’ll get access to voter education resources, swag, and more fun things to help your community this year.
Are you interested in being part of National Voter Education Week?
Awesome! You can sign up here! It’ll only take a couple minutes.
Reach out to rachel@c4aa.org and she’d be happy to share more information.

Optional Demographic Information