Foundations that fund social and environmental justice come to us because they’re looking for ways to support their staff and grantees to do their best and most creative work. Institutions like Open Society Foundations have worked with us for years, and we have trained over 200 of their staff and more than 300 of their grantees in creative campaigning. A Blade of Grass works with us to help them refine their strategic plan and to work with their grantees on customized assessment models. These and other foundations, funders, and organizations turn to us because they know we bring a unique and targeted understanding of the challenges they face, and we provide solutions in the form of methodologies that can be used over and over to help both staff and grantees learn how to make campaigns more effective.

Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya

Center for Artistic Activism provides foundations with:

  • Creative Grantmaking Workshops for program officers. We all know that innovative ideas can propel campaigns forward, but grantees don’t always feel they can put the most creative ideas forward. This workshop helps you to solicit innovative proposals and manage creative projects. Contact us to learn how we have helped organizations like OSF, Greenpeace, and others bring creativity to their grantee pipeline.
  • Creative Campaign Workshops for grantees. Integrating creativity and design thinking into campaign development significantly increases impact, but many grantees aren’t sure where to start. Our workshops with hundreds of grantee groups around the world have helped them use the powers of creativity and culture to have deeper and more sustained impact, and also help activists have resilience in the face of burnout.
  • Strategic Campaign Consulting for organizations and foundations. We work with organizations looking to build strategic plans for their whole organizations or particular campaigns which incorporate an understanding of cultural change.
  • Assessment Advising: How do you know if it works, when it comes to campaigns that seek to make cultural and narrative change as well as policy change? We work collaboratively with foundations to create and refine assessment models so they’re responsive and dynamic, and reflect and respond to cultural and social changes.

If you are interested in learning more about our services for foundations, please contact us for more information.

Workshop participants say:

While I always believed that the creative was the way to go, I now have an historical and social/theoretical framework through which to articulate it, to share it,  to give it legitimacy, and to give myself confidence.”

– Workshop Participant

Training in Oxford, United Kingdom

Attending [the Center for Artistic Activism training] strengthened my belief that, if properly used, Arts and cultures can contribute to bringing more creativity and more transformational power to our work in West Africa.”

– Mathias Coffi HOUNKPE, Senegal, Open Society Foundations West Africa

Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya
Training in Portland, USA

“The School opened a new ‘door’ of thinking for me, enabling a rich encounter with ideas, models from the past and the present, theoretical and practical knowledge.”

Brunilda Milkani (Bakshevani), Albania, Open Society Foundations

Training in Connecticut, USA

I thought this was an amazing training. I was able to easily envision how I can use these process with my work …I’ve always thought of myself as both creative and analytical and this workshop really helped me fuse those selves together.”

– Workshop Participant