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My specific point here is that it’s time for activist design to go further than simple commentary. Not that commentary can’t provoke change or discourse, but in an age where anyone with a laptop, a wireless connection, and a Facebook account can procure the figurative equivalent of 100 people all wielding bullhorns at a protest rally, I wonder how many people are really listening. It’s all too easy to tune in solely to the transmissions that reinforce our individual belief systems and ignore the ones that don’t. The massive deluge of choice in contemporary society has, paradoxically, made many of us more narrowly focused in our media consumption. Opinions have never been so easy to project, but how many people are really acting on them? Proclaiming “Feed the Homeless” on a billboard means well, but it’s the feeding them that matters. In this age of infinite words, actual actions have never spoken more loudly.

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