Beyond The Choir:: Climate scientists reaching beyond the choir & dropping the F-bomb VIDEO

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A while back Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science, offered some sound advice to climate scientists about “good climate communication”. Basically, if you’re a climate scientist who wants society to take your data seriously, you have to be something of a political scientist too. Mooney spotlights the Evangelical Climate Initiative as an example of good climate communication that can reach a broader constituency. It’s something that’s “not what you’d expect”. The name itself breaks a popular stereotype about who cares about climate — and a stereotype about evangelicals: that they’re inherently anti-science.

Climate scientists have understandably been too busy being scientists — but Mooney suggests that they need to engage people with more than cold rational data. They’re hurting their cause by not treating it like a cause — sometimes even like a “war room”. Mooney wants climate scientists to get “in the game”.

Last week some creative climate scientists heeded that call. Okay, this video is probably designed to reach a slightly different audience than the Evangelical Climate Initiative’s base. But there are plenty of audiences to activate in this struggle. Enjoy…

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