10 New Year’s resolutions for designers

There’s some great chunks of wisdom in this .net magazine post from Mike Monteiro that we can creatively adapt to our own practices.

Like this: from number one: “Choose better problems to solve”

We have more processing power, affordable tools, and combined intelligence right this very minute than at any point in the history of design. We are using it to build shit.

And this, from number four “Stop being your own obstacle”

I spent the first 10 years of my career saying things like, “If I could just do this work the way I know it should be done…” and convincing myself that someone else was keeping me from making better choices. What is this strange gene that makes designers handicap themselves?

Stop designing the compromises you expect to have to make. Your fear of being wrong wins out over your fear of having to convince someone you’re right.

You can’t design in fear. Don’t throw the fight before a punch gets thrown.

And there’s more like “stay curious” and “learn to make mistakes faster.” Really great stuff.

via 10 New Year’s resolutions for designers | Feature | .net magazine.

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