How to End Evil: 5 Days of Art and Activism


Friends of CAA are hosting a huge gathering of artistic activists in Barcelona from March 27-31.  ‘How to End Evil: 5 Days of Art and Activism’ (or Cómo acabar con el Mal: 5 días de arte y activismo) is open to ALL and needs your support.  This huge event is running on a super-slim, crowd-sourced budget and needs you to help fund it, spread the word, and participate.

Help make this happen!

What will it be like?

“How to End Evil” is an independently organized international gathering of creative activism, not beholden to or associated with any institution. It’ll be happening on the 27, 28, 29, 30 y 31 of March in the Antic Teatre de Barcelona, it will be free and open to all.

Why now?

After the Arab spring and the summer of mobilizations, after the autumn of Occupy, and a winter full of austerity cuts; after all this: these workshops and gathering will up-skill participants with a toolbox for how to combat crisis with creativity.

Who is this for?

This gathering is for students, professors, the employees, the evicted, and the unemployed. For all who are having trouble making ends meet. For those who are tired of so many social cuts, and for all those who suffer every day a dysfunctional system and refuse to give up.

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