L.M. Bogad: Paperwork and Economusic in Helsinki

CAA West Coast Director Larry Bogad Performs and Lectures at International Theater Festival

From November 7-11, CAA West Coast Director Larry Bogad performed and lectured at Baltic Circle, an international theater festival held annually in Helsinki, Finland.  Check out fantastic photos of his performances here.

From Antii Yrjonen Photography:
In the performance PAPERWORK, L. M. Bogad plays a bureaucrat from the DEPARTMENT OF DREAMS, FEARS AND HOPES. Sitting at his desk, he accepts the audience’s submissions of their most private documentation and processes them with tremendous efficiency.
ECONOMUSIC makes absurd music out of economic data. Bogad takes note of, and makes notes from, falling property values and wages, rising prison populations and sea levels among others. The result is Econo-cacophony, as he plays incarceration rates, unemployment rates, and global warming data.

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