MediaImpact: International Festival of Activist Art

MediaImpact: International Festival of Activist Art

Festival presentation, talks and debates

16 November 2012, 7:00pm

34 Stuyvesant Street, Barney Building (Between 3rd and 2nd Avenues at 9th Street)

NYUSteinhardt, Department of Art & Art Professions, New York

Art that steps out into the public space in order to call for social change is a relatively recent phenomenon in Russia. The development of this genre has evolved alongside the emergence of civil society in Russia, which has been accompanied by a rise of mass protests on the one hand and political repression on the other. In this case artists become precursors to and  catalysts of social processes, but they also assume a heroic role as they go out into the street to confront the system.

The festival presentation will include talks and screenings on Russian activist art as well as discussion with festival participants and audience.

Participants: Alina and Jeff Blumis (artists, New York), Andy Bichlbaum (activist, New York), Andrew Boyd (activist, New York), Avram Finkelstein (activist, New York), Ilya Falkovskiy (artist, Moscow), Nina Felshin (curator, New York), Steve Lambert (activist, New York), Maria Kalinina (curator, Moscow), Anya Sarang (activist, Moscow), Tatiana Volkova (curator, Moscow).

In collaboration with the Center for Artistic Activism.

Media Impact presentation in the US is made possible in part with funds from CEC ArtsLink.


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