School for Creative Activism Applications Now Being Accepted

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Contact: manager at artisticactivism-dot-org


Download 2013 SCA application here.

The Center for Artistic Activism is pleased to announce the beginning of the application cycle for our third year of School for Creative Activism Workshops, to be held in the Spring and Summer of 2013.

The School for Creative Activism is a participatory workshop infusing community organizing and civic engagement with culture and creativity.  Thanks to the generous support of the Open Societies Foundation’s Democracy and Power Fund, in 2013 we are pleased to offer this workshop entirely free of cost for three select groups of US-based activistsand we would like to invite you to apply.

We believe there is an art to every practice, and we take the art of political activism seriously.  The first rule of guerrilla warfare is to know the terrain and use it to your advantage.  Today’s political landscape includes the ephemeral ground of signs and symbols, stories and spectacle.  In order to be effective, political activism must harness the power of creativity and culture – but unfortunately, most activists are discouraged from applying creativity to the “serious business” of politics.  We believe that this is a critical mistake, and the School for Creative Activism was designed to change it, one group of organizers at a time.

Over the course of a weekend, selected participants will meet to share ideas, discuss work, learn from one another, and discover together more creative and effective activist practices.  At the conclusion of the weekend, participants will share a toolkit of creative tactics and strategies for use in a collective, creative campaign.  But this is about more than just learning.  SCA tools will be put to immediate use in a concentrated strategy session, and with structured support from SCA leadership, participants will begin implementing a creative campaign within one month of the workshop.

This year, we’re looking for groups of diverse, experienced grassroots organizers who work on a single, collaborative activist campaign.  Though participants need not necessarily work for the same organization (in fact, we encourage inter-organizational coalitions), they should be united by a well-defined political goal.  After reading our 2013 SCA application guidelines to determine if you are a good fit, we hope you’ll submit an application.  If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Skeen at manager at artisticactivm-dot-org

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