Tedx Talk: “We are all born Artists”

“There are so many reasons why we can’t be, indeed, we’re not sure why we should be. We don’t know why we should be artists, but we have many reasons why we can’t be. Why do people instantly resist the idea of associating themselves with art? Perhaps you think art is for the greatly gifted or for the thoroughly and professionally trained. And some of you may think you’ve strayed too far from art. Well you might have, but I don’t think so. This is the theme of my talk today. We are all born artists.”

In the following Tedx Talk, celebrated Korean auther Young-ha Kim  invokes the world’s greatest artists to urge you to unleash your inner child — the artist who wanted to play forever. He asks, “why do we ever stop playing and creating?” In this playful speech he reminds us the importance of fighting the resistance and the inner voices that emerge when one is engaging in artistic work, as well as the importance of play and fun when being creative. Most importantly he states that the time to start is now!



“What should we do now?Let’s be artists, right now. Right away. How? Just do it!”

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