Media Impact Workshop participants announced!

We are excited to announce the next round of participants in our workshop in St. Petersburg – a coalition of artists, activists and engaged citizens from Media Impact, Open Urban Lab, and School of Engaged Art.

Media Impact

Matvei Krilov (Skif) (Gay – Moscow)

activist, artist, poet

Matvei is an actionist artist and political activist, whose political acts have earned him time at Buturskaya Prison and the Alternative Prize of Activist Art. He is the current organizer of the dissident tradition of “Mayakovsky Readings” in Moscow. Matvei Krylov is an actionist artist and political activist. He started working with political issues in 2003, and is a frequent participant of peaceful seizures of administrative buildings and government institutions. Krylov is the author of the performance Head Count at M&J Guelman Gallery; was a co-organizer of exhibition Party Riot Bus in support of Pussy Riot; the winner of the Alternative Prize of Activist Art; participant of Media Impact Festival of Activist Art. He is also the organizer of protest poetry evenings at the statue of Mayakovsky (a long-standing oppositional tradition) on Triumfalnaya Square in Moscow, called the “Mayakovsky Readings”.

Pavel Mitenko (Moscow)

researcher, artist, activist

Pavel Mitenko was the 1998-00th participant of Radek-community (group of young artists, theorists, musicians part of the numerous groups in the big movement of Moscow actionism), and in 00th, a art-critic and artist, and by the end of 00th, was a researcher, artist, activist. More recently he has been working on a thesis on Moscow anotnism in the Institute of philosophy of Russian Academy of Science in Moscow, as well as participating in some new politics collectives in Moscow. He has a long history of of activism collaborating with others in Krgystan with Nishkek artists, poets, activists to make a Social sculpture in physical, ethic, intellectual support of the slum dwellers in Bishkek by facilitating visits from legal citizens to the slums to try the hospitality of the other side of society. From Autumn of 2011 on he has been participating in the Moscow Occupy movement, a working group on Mediaimpact festival and in activist street orchestra. He is interested in sharing culture and practices of resistance, finding the new forms of art, which are the forms of participation in common movement, and the new forms of politics, which unfold in coherence with these new forms of arts. He believes that studying and developing the culture of relationship within a group and between a group and the others is one of the crucial lines in terms of art and politics.

MAKE / Anton Polsky

Artist, activist, art historian


Anton Polsky graduated from the art history department in Russian State University for the Humanities. Anton is the Co-founder of website and Co-moderator of Media Impact festival.

Tatiana Sushenkova (Moscow)

Photographer, artist.

Education: The Moscow State Geological Prospecting Academy, Economic Faculty – Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia im.A.Rodchenko, workshop of V.Kupriyanova Interests: contemporary art, activism, mixing practices, non-institutional, DIY (including “female” crafts); feminism, LGBTIQ

Tatiana Volkova (Moscow)

curator, art historian


Tatiana is a Member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics).She has held curatorial positions at the Tsaritsino Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, Reflex Gallery, the Garage and ZHIR project, Moscow. Since 2009 Tatiana has been dedicated to research and development of Russian activist art. Tatiana curated a serious of exhibitions of the young Russian activist artists at ZHIR project, Moscow (Winzavod Art Centre, 2009 – 2010); “Silence=Death” exhibition (Artplay Centre, 2012, Moscow) . Since 2011 Tatiana has been initiator and moderator of MediaImpact Festival of Activist Art, that was held in Novosibirsk, Murmansk, Nizhniy Novgorod and Moscow (two times) since then. In 2013 Tatiana became a member of project team of the “Global Activism” exhibition, the Center of Art and Media – ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany) Tatiana has written for exhibition catalogues and Web and given a course of lectures on Russian activist art.

Daria Vorujubivaeva (Tver – Moscow)


Daria has MA in humanitarian and social studies, she is involved in art and activist projects. She is interested in politology, philosophy, contemporary art and typography and publishing.


Liubov Chernysheva

researcher, 4-th year student of SPSU, Faculty of Sociology

Liubov Chernysheva is affiliated with Open Urban Lab and Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of sociology. She is engaged in the study of the urban environment in St.-Petersburg using qualitative sociological methods. Her interests include urban studies, studies of city public spaces, public art, participation of local communities in city transformation. Some of the projects she has worked on include Open Urban Lab: “The city SAGA. Public spaces in transformation” (the aim of the project is to make a model of new creative city public spaces, which are convenient for residents), The project “Playgrounds in Kolomna” (the aim was to study context and create the specification for the design of modern playground in one of the districts of St. Petersburg)

Anastasia Golovneva

Sociologist, researcher, 4-th year student of SPSU, Faculty of Sociology Anastasia Golovneva is affiliated with Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of sociology and Open Urban Lab. Her interests include urban sociology, studies of public spaces, quantitative methods in sociology and sociology of art. Some of the projects she has collaborated on include: International interdisciplinary project «SAGA about the city. The transformation of public spaces in Saint-Petersburg»; Project, dedicated to the research of creative spaces in European cities, the sharing meanings between artist and the process of creating the knowledge in art, Bachelor degree research project «The strategies of legitimation of prose writers in Russian literary field».

Julia Kolesova

Psychologist, project coordinator, lecturer

Julia Kolesova is affiliated with Open Urban Lab and St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. She is the founder and director of company specializing in design of residential spaces and landscape (Novosibirsk, 2000-2005) and the Senior Lecturer at St. Petersburg State University (Educational program ‘Environmental Design’, Dept. of Design) and the Dept. of Architectural Spatial Design (Faculty of Architecture, St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering). Her interests include cross-disciplinary research, education in the field of urban studies, use of city space by different groups of citizens, and urban data visualization. Some of the projects she has worked on include: “The city SAGA. Public spaces in transformation” (OUL); “Playgrounds in Kolomna” (OUL); Workshops on participatory designing of the yards in a high-rise residential district (OUL); Case –study “Accessibility of the urban space”, together with the MA students of the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Arsenii Konnov

tutor/researcher (urban ecology/sustainability)

Arsenii Konnov is affiliated with Open Urban Lab National Research University ITMO and MA Design of Urban Ecosystems/Housing+ Lab. Some of the projects she has worked on include: analytics, project management and implementation in urbanism/urban foresights (Kronstadt Vision 2040 – atlas and vision book for one of historical suburbs of Saint Petersburg); project management and coordination in international cooperation project in Tikhvin, Oblast of Leningrad/Hérouville Saint-Clair, France; Dreams of the City (Open Forum – 4th Biennale “New Ideas for the City: Green Urbanism”, July 2013) – visioning workshop/foresight for urban activists with elements of process-oriented psychology – project initiator, manager and facilitator (public workshop with about 50 participants). Her interests include urban design and human ecology in cities (human-friendly environment; sensing and experiencing the city, gamification of urban environment), nature in the city, urban utopias and foresights, public art / found art and interactive urban design, and body oriented (Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Five Rhythms) and process oriented (conflict facilitation) psychology – application in urban art/public involvement.

Alexandra Nenko

Sociologist, researcher, project coordinator, lecturer Alexandra Nenko is affiliated with Open Urban Lab, the National Research University Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg, Laboratory of Economics of Culture, and the National Research University ITMO, MA Design of Urban Ecosystems. Her more recent activities include working as a researcher at the Laboratory of Cultural Economics, (NRU HSE St. Petersburg and as a member of the ‘Creative City’ research group at NRU HSE St. Petersburg, as well as a participant in projects focusing on artistic communities in St. Petersburg and other European cities at the Faculty of Sociology (St. Petersburg State University) and Center for German and European Studies (St. Petersburg State University and Bielefeld University). Her interests include cross-disciplinary approach to studying urban space, creative communities and art initiatives as actors of urban transformation, participatory approach, and emotional perception of urban space. Her projects include: “The city SAGA. Public spaces in transformation” (OUL); “Assessing Effectiveness Creative Industries Projects in Northern Dimension Supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers” (LEC, NRU HSE); “Co-evolution of Knowledge and Communication Networks: Structural Dynamics of Creative Collectives in European Cultural Capitals” (CGES).

Irina Shirobokova

sociologist, researcher, project coordinator

Irina Shirobokova is affiliated with Open Urban Lab, the activities coordinator of the project «Library as a public spaсe», and a researcher on the project “The appearance of cities in the Moscow region”. Her interests include sociology of the city, the impact of space on the social practices, cross-disciplinary approach to the study of urban space, public art, photography, social design, visual anthropology, and participation designing. Some of her projects include: Communicative Practices of Knowledge Creation in Social Space in Contemporary City; localization of creative communities in the urban social space: the experience of St. Petersburg; Workshop “Archiving of the city” with artist and researcher Adeola Engibokan (New York).

Lilia Vironkova


Lilu S.Deil
Marina Maraeva
Anya Tereshkina
Natasha Tseliubo
Natasha T

Natasha Tseliubo is an artist who has worked in a variety of disciplines and contexts as a illustrator (2008/2009 magazine AFISHA), storyboard artist (2008/2010 creative laboratory ZERKALO), Artist Educator (2011/2013 the first online school of drawing, creative designer (2013 Belousov Holding Group), designer (2013/2014 startup Swanky Plan), and web designer (2014 Startup Pirates of Infobusiness). She studied at the Zaporizhzhya Center of Professionally Technical Education as an artist and designer focusing on decorator showcases. She studieed Graphic Design at the Kharkov Academy of Design and Art, and at the school of engaged art “CHTO DELAT”. As a creative, she has participated in the exhibitions in Zaporozhye (Kharkov, Kiev 2009), the Festival MOLODIST’ ’10 the directing short films (2010). She has exhibited at NEVROSSIYA Gallery FABRIKA (Moscow 2014). Additionally, she is a member of the NFY MR bloomed (2013) and street the street art progect Gandhy (2014). Check out more of her work here.

Roman Osminkin

Roman Osminkin has a vast art and politics related employment history including work as a poet as a member of the Laboratory of Poetic Actionism, a video artist (Poetic video-journal #1, 2011 ), a performance artist ( and as a participant of the Street university (organizing lectures and events in public space) from 2008 to present. He a performer and lyricist of the politically engaged project Techno-Poetry, which he founded in 2010. Roman has been a member of the Russian Socialist Movement since 2012. He holds a Master’s degree in Management from St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications and a Specialist degree in Telecommunications, St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. As of 2012, he has been a Postgraduate student at the Russian Institute of Art History.

Anastasia Vepreva
Polina Zaslavskaya