Sporatorium—THIS SUNDAY

Makers and re-makers, thinkers and rethinkers, composers and decomposers: It’s time to wrestle with climate change. This September, world leaders are coming to NYC for an unprecedented one-day summit on climate change at the UN. We know this is a crucial moment. Across the city, country and world, people are making plans to gather in NYC to stage an historic event: the world’s largest climate march and mobilization. Lean more at peoplesclimatemarch.org

In May, more than 60 artists, curators, cultural producers, technologists, performers, and activists came together to start dreaming of how we can make this gathering surprising, beautiful, impactful and transformative.

This Sunday we are hosting the second monthly SPORATORIUM*!

  • to learn what’s getting planned
  • to meet other creatives working at the intersection of art, activism, and the environment
  • to find folks to plug in to your project
  • to plug in to projects that need your help
  • to dream and scheme with other climate concerned creatives from NYC and beyond.

Sunday, June 22nd @ 7:30PM
Judson Memorial Church- 239 Thompson St.
(around the corner from the main sanctuary)

  • delicious snacks provided
  • RSVP for childcare


* And what’s a SPORATORIUM, you ask??:

This is a slightly goofy new word , for a serious new thing, because:

a) In Greece, the Sporeio is a public space for germinating seeds

b) S.P.O.R.E can stand for Special Projects Organizing and Research Exchange, (the word “art” is confusing and loaded, so instead why not say “special projects” instead?)

c) Spores are the reproductive units of fungal mycelium, an underground network of networks that anchors the soil and mingles with all matters of plants- sharing space and swapping nutrients.