‘My art has nothing to do with religion.’

This week we’re throwing the spotlight on the guerilla street art of Princess Hijab.

Princess Hijab détournes advertising in public spaces: superimposing black veils onto the iconography of popular culture.

‘The Hijab is very powerful, not just religiously. It has been used in fairytales. It is part of the collective memory: a symbol of observance, mourning, and death. It can be luminous, it has many symbols attached to it: in the western world and the eastern world. The hijab doesn’t belong to a single religious or ethnic group. My art has nothing to do with religion.’

We like the way the artist works in a space that is both secular and highly sectarian: heterogeneous and also conformist; creating a form of activism that challenges everyday commuters to consider their own position in the way that identity is formed.

You can find out more by visiting the Actipedia entry:

And, watch a great short intro to her work here: