What are your Super Powers?


It can sometimes be easier to focus on our weaknesses than our strengths – but like every Superhero, there might be some talents laying dormant just waiting for us to discover them, or that we already use, but don’t give ourselves credit for.

Here’s a little tip we found from corporate management site Inc. (like we always say, it doesn’t matter where you get your creative strategies from as long as they work for you): try using these three categories when assessing your strengths and weaknesses:

  • Superpower: It comes naturally.
  • Energy Zapper: I can do it, but it takes effort and deliberate attention.
  • Danger Zone: Others do this much better.

Superpowers are your straight-out-of-the-box skills – the things you do with little to no stress or energy. Energy Zappers are the things that you can work on, build on, and maybe even one day turn into superpowers. Then there’s your Danger Zone – these are the tasks or skills that you know you’re weak on. It might be enough to note them and think of ways you can improve on them with practice – or alternatively, like Kryptonite, it may be that these are things that you should just avoid and it might be better, and more effective, if you delegate those to others who have that Superpower – There’s a reason its the Fantastic Four and not the Fantastic One.

So put on your mask/cape/outside underwear, harness your inner Superpowers and start saving the world!