We are issuing an open call for an In-House Printer for a limited time in Fall 2020. The In-House Printer will be invited to be in residence at the Eureka! House in Kingston NY, to help produce materials for the Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 campaign, and support get-out-the-vote efforts, with time to create their own work as well.

We need an In-House Printer for health equity and election advocacy.

We’re pleased to offer this opportunity to a print-maker who is talented and passionate about their craft, and wants to use it to help promote health equity and voting rights.

We’re looking for a specific combination of skills, so please read through and make sure you are a good match. If you have questions, get in touch.

The In-House Printer will be sponsored by Eureka! House, an artist residency, and Free the Vaccine for COVID-19, an advocacy campaign.

To apply, please send a cover letter. In it, please talk about your relevant experience and why you’re interested in this opportunity. Send to: eurekaouthouse@gmail.com before August 24th 2020.

About Eureka! House

Eureka! House is a new artist residency and community space in a beautiful 18th century mansion in Kingston, NY. The residency supplies artists with welcoming spaces, studios, equipment, materials, food, and the opportunity to meet and share with other artists and activists (safely, in this time of physical distancing).

About Free the Vaccine

Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 is a campaign to ensure publicly-funded diagnostic tools, treatment, and the COVID-19 vaccine will be sustainably priced, available to all and free at the point-of-delivery. It is organized by two, collaborating nonprofits; the Center for Artistic Activism and Universities Allied for Essential Medicines and is made up of dozens of volunteers around the world who are learning and experimenting with creative advocacy techniques: freethevaccine.org

Our volunteers begin with varying experience levels with art and activism. The In-House Printer will join the campaign, helping participants finalize designs for print materials that help further the advocacy goals of the campaign. The Printer will attend weekly online Free the Vaccine meetings, have weekly “office hours” with participants, work with participants to refine and print designs, and pack and ship prints to participants.

As the In-House Printer for this campaign we require someone who can remotely assist participants in executing their designs; pointing out possibilities they hadn’t considered and/or potential technical pitfalls before printing begins. Teaching experience is helpful. They will

  • execute print runs on the Eureka! House riso machine
  • ship prints for exhibitions as well as for wheat-pasting, street actions, and other interventions around the world
  • prepare/check prints before they’re submitted to other printers

The In-House Printer will also be invited to produce designs and prints to support get-out-the-vote efforts in the time leading up to November elections. Eureka! House staff will connect the printer with local voting rights advocacy groups that need printing assistance.


The In-House Printer opportunity is from Mid-September to mid-November, with at least one month physically at Eureka! House – timing is flexible within that 2-month period.

The In-House Printer will receive a stipend of $300 per week, a private room, and a shared kitchen stocked with food from local organic producers.

The In-House Printer will work with the Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 campaign to prepare and print materials for 40% – 50% of their time, and will be invited to spend their other time on their own work and on election-related work as needed.

Safety and health are a top priority during COVID-19, and the spaces and experiences at Eureka! House are designed with this in mind. The Eureka! House is a very large building with many spaces inside and out, and there will be no more than a few artist residents at one time. All spaces are large, and can be arranged so that physically-distanced interactions only occur outdoors. Please get in touch with us if you’re concerned about this and would like to talk about the safety procedures.


At the Eureka! House, the Fellow will have full and almost exclusive access to the following printing equipment:

  • iMac Pro
  • Wacom Tablet
  • Epson Pro Photo Scanner
  • Riso SF9450
  • Toshiba Copier
  • Sterling DigiBinder
  • Triumph 4810-95 Electric Paper Cutter
  • RotoTrimmer
  • Large worktable
  • 3’x4’ Self-Healing Mat

There are also ceramics, woodworking, darkroom, painting and other equipment and tools that may be available. Access to other materials and equipment is entirely possible – let us know what you need.

Additionally, the participant will have access to the Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 campaign including Center for Artistic Activism and Universities Allied for Essential Medicines workshop materials.

Who We’re Looking For

Ideal fellows will:

  • Have at least 3 years of printmaking experience, including on riso printers
  • Have experience setting up and maintaining printmaking spaces
  • Be interested in advocating for equal access to medicines and get-out-the-vote efforts
  • Excited about collaborating with advocacy organizations and having access to their expertise
  • Able to advise on others projects while balancing and respecting their creative independence and learning process
  • Have teaching and/or mentorship experience
  • Be able to work independently
  • Be interested in an artist residency live-in situation

We’re also open to multiple people working as a print collective.

To apply, please send a cover letter. In it, please talk about your relevant experience and why you’re interested in this opportunity.

Send to: eurekaouthouse@gmail.com before August 24th 2020.

If you have questions or need more info, please ask!