#MyJamMyVote is an Unstoppable Voters Project – a series of Center for Artistic Activism supported works that celebrate voting rights and counter voter suppression.

Eric Who (in South Carolina) shares voting early on TikTok and Instagram
Jordan Markus (in Georgia) shares voting early on TikTok and Instagram


#MyJamMyVote is part of the next phase of the Songs for Good 2020 Challenge – a songwriting contest to amplify civic engagement in the 2020 election cycle. This campaign uses short social media videos sourced by social media influencers to ensure that more people understand how to effectively vote by mail, drop-off, or in person, by modeling what it looks like to vote, sharing songs that motivate including the finalists from the 2020 Challenge, and encouraging others to envision themselves through the voting process with a soundtrack. Follow along at #MyJamMyVote.

Songs for Good‘s mission is to amplify youth-led and pro-democracy civic engagement movements through music. This year Songs for Good launched a songwriting contest–the 2020 Challenge–to create a new soundtrack for democracy by crowdsourcing new anthems to fuel participation in partner organizations RepresentUs, March for Our Lives, Zero Hour, National Children’s Campaign, Sunrise Movement Bay Area, Access the Polls, and Bridge USA. Songs for Good is a fiscally sponsored project of Social Good Fund, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Nate Dewart. Catalyst and Co-creator, Songs for Good.
Hopeful. Thinker. Doer. Nate is a facilitator who strives to create space for empathy in our political and social structures–resulting in expansion, connectivity, realized possibilities. With over a decade of shaping public policy with a focus on climate change, Nate is now integrating his love of music and political organizing with Songs for Good. Nate seeks to convert potential and wasted energy into kinetic through the collective powers of collaborative planning and spontaneity for intersectional transformation.

Unstoppable Voter Projects Throughout the Country Will Bring Art and Entertainment to Voters and Polling Places; Artists Hope to Inspire Others in Their Own Communities

In this contentious election season, many people are wondering how we can move past division and tension to celebrate democracy and our freedom to vote. Artists, in the business of storytelling and culture-making, are working around the country to turn the focus to honoring and encouraging participation in our democratic process. With this in mind, the Center for Artistic Activism created the Unstoppable Voter Project. We funded 11 of the most ambitious, innovative collaborations between artists and civic organizations seeking to increase voter engagement after receiving more than 100 applications. Artistic events will take place nationwide, with a focus on states where voters are facing barriers to the polls.