We’re joining together to ensure every vote is counted and swear in a new government elected by and for us. Together we will deliver a democracy where everyone counts, no exceptions. Join us October 8.

We’re sure, that like us, you’ve been reading articles like this and this and tv segments like this that put in stark terms the likely confusion and chaos in the weeks after Election Day, when results will be delayed and contested. Experts are predicting grim scenarios.

On October 8th, we invited you to join us for an evening of looking ahead, after election day. We talked about how can we counter tension, fear and maybe violence with actions that make this country a place where liberty and justice is for all? How do we give people the resilience and hope to defend the basic tenets of democracy? How do we respond with so many unknown factors?

As artistic activists, we happen to think you know some ways to use humor, beauty, joy, and community to do just that.

Though this event has passed, we welcome you to join our newsletter list to hear about more events like this.

With coordination, we have real impact.

We invite you to a little meet up this week.

Whether you’re an organization, a collective, or an individual, please join:

Planning the Post-Election Spectacular
Thursday, October 8th
6-7pm ET

Registration link
Bring your own drink.

We’ll learn from some experts about what we can expect in the days and weeks after the election. We’ll share ways we can work in coordination so that together, with many wonderful creative problem-solvers like you, we can help the democratic process pull through so the will of the people is the law of the land.

(Upcoming) Call for Proposals

We are supporting projects that address post-election issues. Like our pre-election call for proposals, we’re looking for projects, programs, concepts that might not be funded by traditional means because they’re unusual, creatively risk-taking, and downright joyous!

We’ll share details at the meeting and via our newsletter. UPDATE: the call is published.

Q: Do I need to have a project idea to attend?

A: No, but you may have one by the end.

Q: Do I need to attend this meeting to be able to apply for support?

A: No, but it is highly encouraged.

Q: I feel like doing a bit of advance reading and viewing, do you have anything you’d recommend?

A: Absolutely.

“The Election That Could Break America” in The Atlantic
“The Attack on Voting” in The New York Times
“Expect the Worst” from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee