Heading to a count the vote rally, like one to Protect the Results, and want to add something extra special? Here are things you can do to cultivate joy, unity and power in these chaotic days:

Please, no boring events

We need actions that are exciting, celebratory, and keep people motivated and energized for the world we’re building. Without a strategy for joy, a big protest can feel like a slog. But the Center for Artistic Activism’s Post-Election Unstoppable Voters team has toolkits available you can put to use today.

Cheer the Count

This cheer toolkit will enable you to form your own cheerleading squad and perform cheers in support of the ballot-counting process, either at an event or at home. Why? Counting the votes is a vital part of the democratic process, and deserves to be met not with sighs, but with celebration! These cheers can help both demonstrate and build support for the ballot-counting process.

Make a Flag

This My Hope Our Hope Flag toolkit shows you how to make a flag and share it. Imagine hundreds of flags, each with words and pictures about our hopes and dreams!

Project Your Vote

Have a high powered projector? The Project Your Vote Post-Election toolkit provides you with original video footage you can use for large-scale projections on the sides of buildings, especially in battleground states. The visuals are an effort to tie the recent protests to the history of voting via the civil rights movement of the 1960s. 

Sing Songs to Stop a Coup

STOP. THIS. COUP. Lyric Video

Add to your protest chant repertoire! Learn The Peace Poets’ “Songs to Stop a Coup”—a creative response to an atmosphere of fear and tension by supporting the people and voicing our promise to protect each other and our vision of a just world. Each song has a different purpose, so be sure to learn them all.

The people
are peaceful
We know what to do
We’re rising up together
Till we stop this coup!

Defenders of Democracy Lyric Video
Heal The Hate / We Choose Democracy Lyric Video
A Force More Powerful Lyric Video