Our COVID-19 healthcare for all campaign is about to launch its next round of artistic activism training and action. Join us!

As we hit over 100 million worldwide COVID-19 cases, we all want to see an end to the pandemic. At the same time the price of these medicines and terms pharmaceutical corporations have set are perpetuating global inequities. But you have the power to give people access to COVID medicine. Join our next round of Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 and learn how you, together with others from around the world, can use creativity and culture to make policy changes that will save lives.

Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 is a global movement working to ensure that COVID-19 testing, treatments, and vaccines are safe, effective, and available to all for free at the point of delivery.

New and returning participants are encouraged to apply here!

This program works as an Advocacy Innovation Lab, bringing together hundreds of people from around the world to collaboratively devise, design, implement, and evaluate new forms of advocacy that can succeed in these challenging times.

Our next round runs February 17 – May 12. Over those 12 weeks, participants will join weekly full campaign meetings, meet with smaller focus groups, and implement creative actions. No prior experience is necessary. As a participant you’ll learn about access to medicines, creative activism, and do both: learning and then taking action is what this is all about! 

Apply here by Sunday, February 7, at 11:59pm.

Those who participate fully in all 12 weeks are eligible to receive a certificate from Center for Artistic Activism documenting their participation.

Free the Vaccine launched in March 2020 and has had two previous seasons. Each season is different. This time we’re focusing on pressuring universities and publicly funded institutions to share their intellectual monopolies with the world in order to save lives from COVID-19. We’re also turning our focus to helping the public understand more about access to medicines and why it’s important–not only for getting through this pandemic but also for lasting, sustainable change. Join our growing community and campaign to Free the Vaccine for COVID-19!