Revolutionizing Activism: Feasts

Thurs. September 15, 12pm EST


Tunde Wey

Dawn Weleski

Jon Rubin


Food is a universal language. Yet it’s also deeply embedded in unique and diverse cultural expression. Perhaps, this is part of what has made it possible for activists to use food and feasts in radical and unconventional ways to activate social change—food can allure and persuade people to show up because while eating, we’re willing to listen and dialogue.

Join us as we marinate on food as the message and the medium. How can food be utilized to make an impactful critique, bring people together, and creatively navigate uncomfortable and sensitive discussions?

Learn how activists have used food-based gatherings to make real and lasting change and more about our panelists below!


Tunde Way
Dawn Weleski

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Jon Rubin

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