Revolutionizing Activism, our online discussion series covering innovative ideas in artistic activism from around the globe

Revolutionizing Activism, our new online discussion series, provides the space for artists, activists, journalists, grantmakers, and practitioners to discuss the unconventional, innovative, and creative ways we’re trying to make a change– one action at a time. At the Center for Artistic Activism, we know the power of inspiration, and how important it is for advocates to come together and talk about what’s working, how we’re experimenting, and how we’re practicing activism in real-time.

Creativity is universal and Revolutionizing Activism showcases examples of creative activism from all over the world. Even though we live in specific environments that have specific problems, with Revolutionizing Activism we come together to discuss our unique approaches and the impact of that experimentation – to impart lessons and strategies we can all learn from, wherever we are. 

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Join Jay Jordan (Reclaim the Streets), Kate Kelly (Shout Your Abortion), and Paata Sabelashvili (Raveolution) in a conversation about their participation in social movements that used parties as a site of protest. Watch as they dig into why parties work, and how they can promote freedom of expression and community while cutting through the tension.



How can food be utilized to make an impactful critique, bring people together, and creatively navigate uncomfortable and sensitive discussions? Watch Dawn Weleski and Jon Rubin (Conflict Kitchen) in conversation with Tunde Wey (From Lagos) as they marinate on food as the message and the medium.



“Small-ish” takes a close look at playful disruptions that can make a meaningful impact. A conversation with Ricardo Dominguez, Astra Taylor (Debt Collective), and Nikola Pisarev, exploring unique approaches to issues such as financial inequality, cross-border migration, and public spending through “small interruptions”.



How can activism creatively use an air of drama, and roleplay strategically? Steve Lambert talks to Margaret McCarthy (First Female President of the United States), and Ian Madrigal (Monopoly Man) about the characters they’ve created, and why roleplay can be a particularly effective way to draw in an audience.


Past Sessions

Revolutionizing Activism: How Do We Know It Works?

Our very own Stephen Duncombe, co-founder of The Center of Artistic Activism, leads a conversation with multidisciplinary artist Shaun Leonardo, and Liba Beyer (Chief of Global Campaigns UNHCR) about exciting case studies and best practices for assessing your advocacy.

Revolutionizing Activism: The Power of Utopia

An invigorating discussion moderated by Stuart Candy (Situation Lab), featuring best-selling author Cory Doctorow, and cultural practitioner Terry Marshall (Intelligent Mischief). This is how you can use utopia’s generative potential for developing and carrying out actions.

Revolutionizing Activism: Using Humor When Things Are Dire

Moderated by Caty Borum Chattoo (Center for Media and Social Impact/ Yes…And Laughter Lab) and featuring comedian Ricardo Del Bufalo and Lola Joksimović (Borderline Offensive/ Center for Cultural Decontamination) – watch to learn how to use humor to broach difficult subjects and broaden the reach of your advocacy.

Revolutionizing Activism – I Made This For You: Strategic Generosity and Artistic Activism

Our third edition about generosity as practice and strategy, and how we can better lean into creative and experimental activist practices that are grounded in a love ethic. Moderated by Ibou Niang, Head of the Open Society Initiative for West Africa, and featuring Aaron Gach of the Center for Tactical Magic, Alanna Coady a doctoral student in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO), and Maanasa Guram from Free the Vaccine.

Radicalizing the Remote: How to Keep kicking butt at a distance

Our second edition featured Julie Hermelin (Cofounder Wake Up + Vote) will chat with Ishtar Lakhani (one of BBC’s ‘Top Women of 2020!) and Cristina Uribe (Director of Campaign, Center for Cultural Power). They shared all they’ve learned about fresh and fun ideas for remotely developing and implementing creative actions that ignite change.

Can Artistic Activism Combat Civic Apathy?

Our first discussion was moderated by Jeanine Abrams Mclean, and featured activist-artists Cheikh Séne (Keyti) and Leónidas Martín. We dug into how we can use creativity to cultivate civic engagement and overcome apathy.