Keyti, based in Senegal, is a trainer and mentor at the Center for Artistic Activism. Over the past three years, he has been a Lead Mentor on Regional Creative Hubs, a massive project to combat corruption through Art Action Academies in the West Balkans and West Africa.

He has mentored and trained over 20 artists, activists, and journalists who have gone on to help hundreds of others implement surprising, joyous, and innovative projects that confront corrupt government practices.

Keyti, along with his collaborator Xuman, is the creator of the satirical news program “Journal Rappé.” This project was developed in 2013 within the Senegalese hip-hop movement and uses digital channels to ignite social commitment and an interest in politics among the youth in Senegal. As a cross-over media format, it creates a space for an alternative discussion– in an audience-driven way that speaks to the massive youth population in the region.