Keyti, along with his collaborator Xuman, is the creator of the satirical news program “Journal Rappé.” This project was developed in 2013 within the Senegalese hip-hop movement and has been using the possibilities offered by digital channels to ignite and support social commitment and an interest in politics among the youth in Senegal. As a cross-over media format it creates a space for an alternative discussion and in an audience driven way that speaks to the massive youth population in the region. One result from this is a journalism of citizens and artists that goes beyond the normal standards, and which deals intensively with socio-political and economic subjects and questions the boundaries between art, activism, and gridlocked communication routes.

In “Journal Rappé” Xuman and Keyti curate pointed news reports that have to do in particular with the Senegalese population. The subjects are issues involving politics, the environment, the youth, or development. With this they are presenting a counterweight to the dominant media coverage in Senegal and the West.

Keyti is a Center for Artistic Activism alumni, has worked as a mentor in our Regional Creative Hubs program, and trains with the Center for Artistic Activism.