Artistic Activism Efficacy Advisory Board


Kenneth Bailey — Founder, Design Studio for Social Intervention

Luis Camnitzer — Independent artist

James Chung — Founder, Reach Advisers

Brett Davidson — Program Director, Open Society Foundations

Kathy Eldon — Founder, Creative Visions      

Deborah Fisher — Executive Director, A Blade of Grass

Jessica George — Executive Director, Revolutions Per Minute

Silas Harrebye — Professor, Roskilde University, Denmark  

Rob Horowitz — Founder, ArtsResearch  

John Johnson — Founder, Harmony Institute

Pam Korzo — Director, Animating Democracy

Antanas Mockus — Corpovisionarios

Doris Sommer — Professor, Harvard University, and founder, Cultural Agents

Diana Taylor — Professor, NYU, and Director, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics      

Nato Thompson — Curator, Creative Time

Rise Wilson – Director of Philanthropy, Rauschenberg Foundation