Alumni Cédric Wilfrid Codo has been engaged in artistic activism since the day I understood that we could use a camera to show the extent of a social movement in the streets.” Born in Cotonou in the Benin Republic, he studied Textiles in a School of Art and Cinema and Television Realization and participated in C4AA’s 2017 West African Art Action Academy in Conakry, Guinea. Like Cédric, we believe we have the passion and the power to change what people see as possible, and that artists write the story of tomorrow.Photo Credit: CODO Cédric Wilfrid

Cédric has been working since 2011 around cultural events for and by young people. He worked on producing media and images for the Beninoise Youth Day, storytelling in music videos, and alongside journalist Emmanuelle SODJI. An Assistant Director and artistic manager, Cédric has been working on topics that have remained taboo and/or polemical, from the point of view of Africans themselves, believing that “Africa has to make its own images on the basis of its own reality.” Photo Credit: Vidéo Music Artist Flavour

“I am working on a cultural education project for girls and children in schools, on the presence of women in culture and sport (promotion and training) and finally on media that gives visibility to all this. I am convinced that the projects of the future will be projects that will bring together Anglophones and Francophones on projects in French. It will change the world.

When asked what he has done that is impossible, Cédric answered with inspiring insight, “I think I have an IMPOSSIBLE mind. This allows me to do things without acceptance without fail or even thinking. When I make a selection, I wonder how much I’m willing to lose and not how much I can win.” Always open to collaboration, you can connect to Cédric’s and find more about his work on Facebook and Instagram.

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