For the third year running I’ve made a risograph print to thank our donors. This year we took a little phrase we use around the Center for Artistic Activism to share with you.

Why start with yes?

“Start with Yes” is a shared philosophy around collaboration at the Center for Artistic Activism. It means start in agreement, start with acceptance, start with trust. It means saying yes to wild ideas. Yes to the world we want. Yes to love. Yes to working together. Yes to sharing. Yes to successes. Yes to aiming higher. Yes to making it weirder. Yes to the unexpected. Yes to Utopian dreams. Yes to odd combos.

Yes and. Yes to the future. Yes to everyone. Yes to big risks. Yes to possibly, probably looking like a fool. Yes to talking. Yes to listening. Yes to dreaming. Yes to pushing it a step further. Yes to thinking. Yes to feeling. Yes to doing. Yes we will do the impossible. Yes we will win.

We hope a reminder to “Start with Yes” can help your collaborations also!

About the print

11×17 Risograph
Edition of 100

Created in edition of 100 as thank you when you support our end of year fundraising campaign.

The print is made with a Risograph printer. Similar to silkscreening, Riso printing enables a layering technique to produce multi-colored prints. It’s printed on high-quality Speckletone paper, the first-ever recycled sheet with flecks and “shives” created in 1955 by the French Paper Co.

Each print has slight variations. All are signed and editioned by Steve Lambert.

start with yes full view

Get yours!

Make a contribution of $50 or more and get a Start with Yes print.