Debbie Almontaser was part of Center for Artistic Activism workshop in 2015. We selected her because of her past accomplishments and we’re so proud of the work she’s done since! Check out this video about the 2017’s New York Bodega Strike and let your heart swell.

Debbie has a new book out also, Leading While Muslim.

Leading While Muslim is the first of its kind to study Muslim principals in the United States. There has been a sizable amount of research on how 9/11 has had an impact on public school communities, including students, teachers, and parents of Muslim identity, but nothing on American Muslim principals in public education. This book examines the lived experiences of American Muslim principals who serve in public schools in a post-9/11 world to determine whether global events, political discourse, and the media coverage of Islam and Muslims have affected their leadership and spirituality. Such a study is intended to help readers to gain an understanding of the adversities that American Muslim principals have experienced post-9/11 and how to address these adversities, particularly through decisions about educational policy and district leadership.

Congratulations Debbie! We can’t wait to see what you do next.