Alina Constantin

Alina Constantin is a multicultural artist, game designer and organizer with a focus on experiences that can renew our sense of heritage and connection. 

She carries perspectives from a life across three continents into her work and has been involved in applying visual art and storytelling to personal practices of artistic advocacy in environmental, social, and artistic communities since 2009. Some of these include the creation and crowdfunding of an awarded nature-musical fantasy world in the form of animated films and games, most recently released under the title Shrug Island in 2018. 

Other initiatives involve educational outreach between The Animation Workshop in Denmark and art organizations in Burkina Faso and Ghana, teaching animation as a tool for sustainable development. Through the Tandem Europe cultural management program, she later developed an original large scale game workshop about the impacts of maritime trade, connecting organizations in Denmark and Wales to deliver their work between the North Sea and the Mediterranean. As current Barlovento scholar, AIAS Fellow and MFA candidate in Game Design at NYU’s Game Center, she’s also co-edited a curriculum inquiring into the colonial structures in games, and been a speaker at both creative media and queer conferences in Europe and the US.

After her internship at The Center for Artistic Activism and graduation later this year, she hopes to further apply these skills towards visionary playgrounds between fields in concrete work at the intersections of imagination and politics.