This was sent out with Michael Young’s memorial announcement this past week. This is the Michael we worked with an his words are worth highlighting:

“We are stronger together than going it alone. The pure nature of us, as social justice organizers, activists, researchers, policy advocates and progressive champions, is to debate, collaborate and innovate towards a system that is built towards justice and rooted in fairness.… We do ourselves a disservice to try to do our work alone in our organizations, in the tight circles we have formed.… We have to break our silos and create long lasting and interconnected coalitions.… In these times of such turmoil, disruption and distrust, we are presented with many opportunities to spark new fires, to be bold in our ideas, and to build strength in the collective struggle.… Our path forward will be rocky, but if we are together in spirit, heart, and strategy, we will come out stronger on the other side.”

–Michael Young in UFE’s 2017 State of the Dream Report