This 2-hour seminar is an overview of creative activism.

This seminar was recorded Feb 22, 2021 as a prerequisite to the SuperCorsa online course. But it can stand on its own as an introduction to how creative activism can be useful to your work. You’ll find the video recording of the seminar below, and we’ve included lots of links and resources below that were mentioned in the class.

Beyond Raising Awareness: An Introduction to Creative Activism. 


This online workshop, led by the directors of the Center for Artistic Activism, gives participants tools to successfully strategize using creativity, spectacle, surprise and vision. “Raising awareness” won’t cut it – we need to get real about how we succeed and fail at moving people to act. Drawing on over ten years of experience working with change-makers around the world, the Center for Artistic Activism shares surprising stories of people fighting for and winning equality and access using culture and creativity. These success stories serve as jumping-off points for in-depth discussion and attendees will leave with tools to apply to all kinds of advocacy. Creativity can keep your efforts to make change active, motivated and energized.

SuperCorsa: How to Make High Performance Artistic Activism



If you’ve watched this Introductory Session (live or recorded), you are invited to apply to continue with the SUPERCORSA by March 1. The complete course gives participants the skills and understanding to work alongside organizations to develop and execute creative campaigns.  The workshop will take place over four roughly two hour sessions (with a 20 minute break) over a three – four week period in March.

Please contact us if you need more information or have any questions.