A special course in March & April 2021, sponsored by Voqal.

SuperCorsa (formerly known as the Master Class in Artistic Activism) will be an online course taught by the experts at Center for Artistic Activism. It is free to you, thanks to Voqal’s sponsorship. The SuperCorsa will take place over four 2-hour sessions in March and April (dates to be determined based on finalist’s availability).

SuperCorsa is free to you, thanks to Voqal’s sponsorship.

Before You Apply
You must watch the Intro Seminar (Beyond Raising Awareness: An Introduction to Creative Activism), if you haven’t already. It’s the first part of the course, and required watching before applying. The video recording is below and links to resources we mention in the video are here:

Apply here for SuperCorsa, by March 8 at 11:59pm ET.

What Is the SuperCorsa?

SuperCorsa: How to Make High Performance Artistic Activism is an online course for people who want to better use creativity, art and culture in their social change practice. It will take place over four roughly two hour sessions (with a 20 minute break) over a three – four week period in March. The Center for Artistic Activism team will share methodologies, tools and lessons learned from years of research and trainings. They and your fellow participants will help you to refine objectives and develop creative tactics for current or future campaigns. Graduates can join the Center for Artistic Activism’s online artistic activism community where people from all over the world share projects, ideas and inspiration for creative activism.

Who Can Apply?

This course will include activists, artists and others. Most participants will be staff of advocacy organizations that Voqal supports across the United States. We also have created space for 5 artists (note: we define “artist” very broadly!).

We’re selecting participants who are:

  • generous
  • have some previous experience
  • open to new perspectives and methods
  • excited about exchanging expertise and insight with others

When, and How Much Time?

The SuperCorsa will take part through online sessions and online forums throughout the month of March and in April, with introductory meetings in February. Dates will be finalized after finalists are selected.

The course will be structured around four 2-hour online meetings, with additional homework and interactions with other participants, on your own schedule. You can plan on spending around 4-8 hours a week on the course, depending on how much you choose to put into it. The work is designed to help you work on a campaign, issue or project you already are working on, or want to work on.

What Will You Get From It?

  • An understanding of how creativity has been effectively used in social movements around the world, and principles you can draw on for your own work.
  • The research and theory behind artistic activism, and methods for assessing and evaluating creative action campaigns.
  • Tools and skills to help you integrate creative strategy into your social change practice, and ways to include your colleagues, friends and comrades.
  • Your own proposal for a creative campaign or social change project, with clear objectives and creative tactics, and ready to share with colleagues, funders and others.

Please contact us if you need more information or have any questions.