Considering applying to be part of Unstoppable Voters 2021? We held an info session all about it – read on to see what we’ve done, what we’re doing next, and how you can use your creativity to defend U.S. democracy.

Info session recording:

What did we cover in the info session?

Below is an overview, along with images of some of the content we shared and links that will bring you to the part of the recording where we covered that content.

What is Unstoppable Voters?

We gave an overview of the project, shared this video of some of our 2020 Unstoppable Voters projects, and heard (and sang with!) past Unstoppable Voters grantee Lu Aya of the Peace Poets.

A summary of what Unstoppable Voters 2020 accomplished

Unstoppable Voters Project Details

We detailed Unstoppable Voters 2021, including an upcoming workshop–which you can apply to right now–and direct project funding and support.

We’ll provide $10,000 in funding per project, along with additional support.
Learn more about the workshop below!

What is artistic activism?

We shared examples of using creativity and culture to:

fix potholes in North Macedonia, prevent littering in Texas, and make COVID-19 vaccines accessible to all.

And we shared key takeaways including:

Voting Experts

We heard from voting rights experts Jenny Flanagan of the Trusted Elections Fund, Carol Kuniholm of Fair Districts PA, and Danielle Silber of the ACLU.

What’s next?

Apply to the Unstoppable Voters Workshop by June 4th at 3pm EST.

And! Mark your calendars for June 11, when we’ll open applications for Unstoppable Voters funding and project support.

What will happen in the workshop?

During the three-session workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of creative activism from the Center for Artistic Activism, and learn about the threats to the freedom to vote–and how we can protect it–from experts at advocacy organizations around the country.

Participants will also get to know each other so they can work together to develop ideas for effective, impactful pro-democracy projects. And the team at the Center for Artistic Activism and their expansive network of trainers will help them develop their ideas, too, based on our decades of experience working on creative campaigns that win. 

This workshop is part of the Unstoppable Voters 2021 project. We highly recommend attending if you plan to submit a proposal for Unstoppable Voters funding. Read more and apply here.