We’re helping artists and activists make U.S. government more representative and responsive – by supporting the fight to make D.C. the 51st state.

Join by filling out the short application below – due February 26th

The D.C. Statehood Accelerator is invigorating the movement to make D.C. the 51st state.

We believe that the residents of D.C. deserve the same rights, freedoms, and representation as the residents of the 50 United States. D.C. residents pay taxes, serve in the military and on juries, contribute greatly to our economies, and have the same hopes, dreams, and wishes for loved ones as folks across the country.

But for hundreds of years, the hundreds of thousands of D.C. residents have been denied fair representation and self-government. They don’t control their budgets. They don’t control their laws. And they don’t elect voting members to Congress.

It’s way past time to make Congress, and our country as a whole, more representative of and responsive to the needs of all of us, including the residents of Washington, D.C. Join the D.C. Statehood Accelerator to make it happen.

The D.C. Statehood Accelerator is an initiative of the Center for Artistic Activism and For Freedoms: two of the most successful creative change organizations in the U.S. We specialize in helping artists and activists find resonant narratives, tap into the cultural power of key communities, and develop creative, impactful campaigns that center joy, humor, and hope. 

Over three online workshop sessions in March 2022, the D.C. Statehood Accelerator will bring together staff and volunteers at leading D.C. Statehood organizations and artists and all types of creative folks to address the unique barriers to D.C. Statehood and innovate methods to overcome them. We’ll train you in the fundamentals of artistic activism and then you’ll use those ideas and skills to build wildly creative, strategic, ambitious campaigns that push the fight for D.C. Statehood forward – and make our whole country more representative and responsive to us all.  

If you’re an individual artist

and want to participate, fill out the short application below. You can participate from anywhere in the country–you don’t have to be in D.C!

If you’re a D.C. arts organization

and want your organization at large to be involved, email rachel@c4aa.org.

Sessions will be held on Wednesday 3/2, Thursday 3/10, and Wednesday 3/16 from 7-9pm ET. Participants will receive the equivalent of thousands of dollars worth of training, mentorship, and support at no cost. Select creative campaigns developed through the D.C. Statehood Accelerator will also be eligible to receive continued mentorship in support of their implementation, including direct funding of up to $10,000.

Individual artists: apply through the application below by February 26, 2022 at 11:59pm ET–deadline extended!

The application period has closed. Thank you to all who have applied! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to rachel@c4aa.org.