With the soul of voting in Pennsylvania on the line, Chase the Erase catalyzed the fight for fair districts, creating a raucous, dual-city street theater action across Pennsylvania in October 2021.

Chase the Erase (2021)

In Chase the Erase, a Center for Artistic Activism Unstoppable Voters project, colorful characters like “Gerry Mander” and “Phil E. Buster” battled to see what wins: corruption or democracy.

Drum lines, cheer squads, and color guards brought the beat and heat with jeers and cheers to rally the crowds. High energy songs entertained and called attention to judicial elections crucial in the fair district fight. Youth voters spoke up and registered their peers.

Learn more about Chase the Erase and the Unstoppable Voters program.

Project Creators:
Christine Sciulli
Nora Breen

Project Partners:
Fair Districts PA, PA Youth Vote, The Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP), League of Women Voters, Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics, Philly Neighborhood Networks

Fair Districts PA Coordination Team:
Laura Richlin, Philadelphia County Co-Lead of Fair Districts PA
Kitsy McNulty, Pittsburgh Fair Districts PA

Voter Registration and Information Superheroes Teams:
Angelique Hinton, Thomas Quinn, PA Youth Vote
Dana Brown, PA Center for Women and Politics
Lorraine Cross, Tim Stevens, The Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP)
Tim Brown, Philly Neighborhood Networks


Philadelphia Team:
Andrew Davies, Creative Coordinator Philly and Skit Script
West Powelton Drummers and Steppers
Positive Movement Drummers
Center High School Pep Squad
Skit Performers: Andrew Davies, Aneeta Ride, Holly Tyson, Laura Richlin, Tim Brown
Terrell Wallace/T-Shotz Productions, Documentary Artist

Pittsburgh Team:
Hugo Cruz and the World Rhythms
Noel Quintana & Dennis Garner, Drummers, Juan “Tiny” Cologne, Trumpet
Cheer Squad: Guiliana Fox, Reed Worth, Jackson Cornwell
Skit Performers: Kelsey Robinson, Joseph Amodei
Catherine Skolnicki, Documentary Artist

This video was written and produced by:
Sammy Loren

Production Company:
Wake Up & Vote