Fighting for Abortion Rights with Creativity and Impact

Join us for Ways to Show Up this Monday, June 27th at 4pm ET.

Let’s talk about how to help support abortion rights. Whether you’re a long time activist or new to this, we’ll discuss how to support other groups and people with your passion and creativity.

What we’ll cover:

  1. Practical ways of collaborating and supporting active organizations and coalitions, how to draft achievable objectives you can organize around, and more
  2. An overview on the filibuster, the Supreme Court, DC statehood, the fight for the freedom to vote, other issues contributing to our current situation, and most importantly opportunities to impact the surrounding systems that made this ruling possible.
  3. Tools you can use to address these issues – influencing key decision makers, and how to move people from apathy or overwhelm to action.

If you are active on this issue and can help clarify next steps, get in touch! We welcome additional expertise and perspectives – we like help.