Watch our info session about Unstoppable Voters Take on the Midterms, and apply by July 7

Learn all about Unstoppable Voters Take on the Midterms

In our Info and Q&A session, we got into the details about the Unstoppable Voters Fellowship and Action Accelerator, the funding, training, mentorship, and community involved, and how to apply (applications are due July 7!). We also shared tips and answered lots of questions.

We heard from three people who have and will be working closely with Unstoppable Voters in this midterm season:

Past Unstoppable Voters project lead Carlitos Díaz of QLatinx shared how Unstoppable Voters has helped provide the community that has made his work such a success:

I love sharing space with the Center for Artistic Activism, to hear other people’s ideas, other people’s work, get inspired, and also to hear feedback. Sometimes we share space with the same circle and this organization has really provided me the opportunity to talk and to learn and to discover.

– Carlitos Díaz, project lead for ¿En Serio Loca? ¡VOTA!

Workshop Leader Keyti, who will be training and mentoring program participants, explained more about what our artistic activism workshops are like:

There’s a lot of exchange, a lot of ideas. People work on various, amazing projects and we’re learning from each other. We collaborate to make sure your actions are effective.

– Keyti, C4AA Workshop Leader

Dr. Jeanine Abrams McLean, President of Fair Count and Flagship Partner for our Unstoppable Voters Fellowship, shared how excited she is for one of her staff members to be a Fellow:

To be able to bolster [her creativity] with training, with mentoring, and always with any kind of funding to bring things to fruition—that’s why I’m so excited.

She also shared why she was at first concerned about her Vote-365 Volunteer Coordinator taking the Fellowship on in such a jam-packed time, but quickly realized it was a “no-brainer:”

It’s all hands on deck for the midterms, so I was initially concerned. But understanding how we’re able to integrate the work that she’ll be doing as a part of this fellowship with our everyday work completely erased all of that. I can’t wait to get started.

– Dr. Jeanine Abrams McLean, President of Fair Count

Watch the full video above, check out our FAQ page here, and read the complete call here. And don’t forget to apply by July 7 (deadline extended).