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Wisconsin has very important elections this year, at the federal, state, and local levels. But in the face of polarization, trust in elections is at a low ebb. With government systems that feel broken, and with so many competing focuses and needs, it can be hard to reach voters and get them to turn out. To get to these potential voters, we’ll need to use all of our creativity and innovation — our basic freedoms depend on it.

And so, on September 30th the Center for Artistic Activism is coming to Milwaukee to bring the creativity and inspire yours. In partnership with UWM’s Center for 21st Century Studies (C21) we’re offering a dynamic workshop all about artistic activism, and how to use the powers of art and culture to connect with voters in this crucial election cycle and beyond.

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In Unstoppable Voters: Milwaukee you will

  • learn the fundamentals of artistic activism and how to apply them to pro-voter work
  • collaborate with other pro-voting advocates and groups to develop creative campaigns in support of Wisconsin voters
  • receive feedback, guidance, and support from C4AA and peers
  • leave with new, wildly creative, and highly strategic ways to achieve your pro-voter goals.

No previous experience required

You don’t need to be an “Artist.” You don’t need to be an “Activist.” You can be a seasoned advocate, new to this space, a professional creative, or someone who goes into a panic when they have to pick up a marker. No experience is required, beyond an openness to creativity and experimentation.

The details

Unstoppable Voters: Milwaukee will be held at UWMilwaukee at the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, 2100 E Kenwood Blvd, on Friday, September 30, from 1-5pm.

The program is entirely free to participants. AND COMES WITH FREE PIZZA!

The program is a highly-structured, rigorous, and rewarding experience. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll be doing:

  • 1-2pm: Introduction to Artistic Activism, Envisioning Utopia, Mastering the Creative Process
  • 2-3pm: Building a Creative Campaign, Identifying and Engaging Audiences
  • 3-4:30pm: Making the Impossible Possible, Choosing and Prototyping Actions
  • 4:30-5pm: Evaluation, Assessment, and Success

All attendees will receive a FREE copy of The Art of Activism: Your All-Purpose Guide to Making the Impossible Possible, written by the Center for Artistic Activism’s co-founders. It’s encouraged that you read chapters 1, 2, and 6 before the workshop.

Additional Programming

C4AA’s co-founder and Artistic Director Steve Lambert will also be doing a free public lecture as part of UWM’s Artist Now! series on Wednesday, September 28th. Learn more here.

Additional Program Co-Sponsors

Along with UWM’s Center for 21st Century Studies (C21), we’re thrilled to be working with UWM Department of Political Science and UWM Panther Votes.

What is Unstoppable Voters?

Through the Center for Artistic Activism’s expansive Unstoppable Voters program, we support creatively risk-taking, strategic, ambitious organizations, people, and projects that address urgent and specific anti-voter attacks. We provide training and community building for individuals and groups who are passionate about protecting the freedom to vote and bringing the needed innovation to that fight. And we provide funding and support to help manifest that innovation and bring real, measurable impact. To date, we’ve helped over 80 organizations and over 500 individual activists, artists, and everyone in between make voting accessible, safe, joyful, powerful, and irresistible.

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