Patricia Jerido

Patricia Jerido 2024
Linda & Pat at the salon
Patricia Jerido Teaching
Steve Lambert, Patricia Jerido, and Stephen Duncombe

Patricia Jerido, a highly sought out executive coach, strategist, and trainer, combines mindfulness practice with practical strategic tactics to help people shift power towards social justice. 

Patricia is a trained M.S.W., social worker, and has over 30 years’ experience in social justice work. She has worked as an advocate, board member, coach, community organizer, executive director, fundraiser, funder, individual and group work counselor, strategist, and trainer. 

As a former program officer for Open Society Foundations and the Ms. Foundation for Women, Patricia has assessed and assisted social justice organizations in improving skills in communications, fundraising, board leadership, and program development having granted over a quarter of a billion dollars to nonprofits around the world.

In addition to her role at Leadership Matters Consulting, Patricia Jerido is the board president for the Center for Artistic Activism. She also serves as an Advisory Member to the Participatory Budgeting Project.