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Artistic activism might be fun, creative and cutting edge but if it doesn’t deliver the goods in helping to transform the world, then what good is it? Research into making make artistic activism more effective, and affective has been at the heart of the Center since since we began the C4AA. We’ve been asking the questions: “Does it work? How do we know? And what does “working” even mean when we combine the arts and activism?”

Here are the results of our ongoing investigations into what artistic activism is, and why and how it works.


→ Actipedia

Is our open-access, user-generated database of creative activism. 


Our fearless explorations of pop culture in the service of research into aefficacy

The Æfficiacy Project

Research on how and why artistic activism works


In this section you can find our publications on artistic activism

Artist-Activist Interviews

We interview practitioners as part of our research 

Reading List

Find out about our favorite useful & inspirational readings

Artistic Activism Blog

The latest from our artistic action research & practice 


In this section you can find various videos of our work

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