2014 SCA Barcelona Participants

Created: 23 Jan 2015

We'd like to introduce you to the participants from our most recent School for Creative Activism workshop in Barcelona... Mara Kardas-Nelson Mara Kardas-Nelson is a journalist, advocate, and activist. She lived ...

E Waste

Created: 22 Jul 2008

The winning entry for the environment category in this year’s Media that Matters Film Festival was a short animated film about the dangers of electronic waste. And what consumers can do to help the problem. I'm not sure if I find it effective or annoying. You ...

Gran Fury talks to Douglas Crimp

Created: 26 Jun 2008

Gran Fury talks to Douglas Crimp - Interview ArtForum, April, 2003 DOUGLAS CRIMP: One of your members, Mark Simpson, is no longer with us. Perhaps we can officially dedicate our remarks here to his memory. When did Mark die? TOM KALIN: Mark died of AIDS on November 10, 1996. DC: Okay, ...

Loss Aversion, Greenpeace, and Health

Created: 29 Apr 2008

Here's a pattern of tactics I realized have something in common. They all work by presenting a threat. Loss aversion, as it can be called, can be more motivating - using the stick instead of the carrot. ## Example 1 From Greenpeace:## The ranking criteria reflect the demands of the Toxic ...