Beatrice Glow

Created: 15 Feb 2017

It’s a long wave. I think of everything as being interdependent or part of an ecosystem, philosophically and biologically. There are urgent moments of crisis where the waves are crashing on the land, which are ...

10: Professional Wrestling

Created: 04 Feb 2016

Episode 10: Professional Wrestling! This time the gang heads to Newark to see WWE Smackdown live! This is the first time any of them have seen professional ...

Somalia Guerrilla Artists Dare to Paint Reality

Created: 05 Mar 2013

MOGADISHU, Somalia — The guerrilla artists come out in the darkness of the Mogadishu night. Three of them are old hands with a brush, but they've never been out on such a crazy mission at a time when sensible people stay indoors. They gather for work in a converted garage, with a wildly ...