Patricia Jerido

11: Brunch

Created: 25 Dec 2017

We're back! Stephen Duncombe arranges a Sunday Brunch at Jane Restaurant in NYC. Steve Lambert brings a long his mom as the expert, a former Domincan ...

10: Professional Wrestling

Created: 04 Feb 2016

Episode 10: Professional Wrestling! This time the gang heads to Newark to see WWE Smackdown live! This is the first time any of them have seen professional ...

8: Mega-Church

Created: 18 Oct 2015

Episode 8: The Rock and Roll Megachurch We went to the rock and roll megachurch, Hillsong Church, in NYC. Topics: Shapeshifting vs. Speaking in the language of your audience Documentation and telling your own story Showmanship Run your meeting on time Sorting it out yourself vs. being ...

7: Minecraft

Created: 08 Sep 2015

...with our experts Sydney and Sebastian Railla-Duncombe. Show Notes Part 1 - we read and respond to your letters! A letter from the famous and acclaimed writer, Mr. Jason ...

5: Stand Up Comedy

Created: 08 Jun 2015

For our latest expedition we went out for a night of live stand up comedy. Combining local clubs, touring acts, cable networks, netflix, and the White House correspondents dinner, the American art form of stand up is far reaching and growing. We headed to the The Comedy Cellar in New York ...

2: TGI Friday’s

Created: 09 Apr 2015

This month we get a meal at the TGI Friday's in New York's Union Square. Started as a single restaurant near the Queensboro Bridge in Manhattan, TGI Friday's now has over 900 restaurants in 61 countries. Known for kitchy decor, potato skins, and alchohol - but what makes this restaurant so ...

1: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Created: 12 Mar 2015

In our first expedition we will watch the highest grossing worldwide movie of 2014, and one of the worst. Not to make fun of it (though that can not be helped) but to learn. This was the most popular movie last year and Patricia, Steve, and Steve try to parse out why people saw it and the ...