8: Mega-Church

Created: 18 Oct 2015

Episode 8: The Rock and Roll Megachurch We went to the rock and roll megachurch, Hillsong Church, in NYC. Topics: Shapeshifting vs. Speaking in the language of your audience Documentation and telling your own story Showmanship Run your meeting on time Sorting it out yourself vs. being ...

The greatest victory comes from culture, not weapons

Created: 03 Aug 2011

I've been reading Paul Provenza and Dan Dion's ¡SATIRISTAS! Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs & Vulgarians and it's filled with wonderful moments like the one above. The book is a series of 3-5 page interviews with comedians and satirists from Paul Krassner to Rosanne Barr. Every ...

Miami's Community Avengers

Created: 11 Sep 2009

Have No Fear the Community Avengers are Here! As the right wing mob mobilizes to shut down democratic debate on health care reform; as Van Jones is forced from the White House through distortions of the truth and plays on racial and political fears; as the recession deepens - the masked ...

Michael Israel inspires change!

Created: 23 Jan 2009

(check 1:30 in) See, what happens is, you see this, and then you go home and you decide you're going to do that thing that you've always wanted to. There is a direct line from him painting to you acting, he tells ...

The Penguin "gets it"

Created: 07 Sep 2008

YouTube - ...