The Donald gets duped: Harvard Lampoon tricks Trump with phony endorsement — and he’s not happy about it | Salon

Created: 05 Aug 2015

The Donald’s been duped. In what’s been called a “a prank of presidential proportions,” the staff at Harvard University’s humor magazine, the Harvard Lampoon, targeted Donald Trump for their latest prank in a longstanding rivalry with the University’s daily student newspaper, The Harvard ...

Al Gore on Creative Activism

Created: 14 Jan 2010

Click to play or download here: Al Gore On Creative ...

Miami's Community Avengers

Created: 11 Sep 2009

Have No Fear the Community Avengers are Here! As the right wing mob mobilizes to shut down democratic debate on health care reform; as Van Jones is forced from the White House through distortions of the truth and plays on racial and political fears; as the recession deepens - the masked ...

Art Hoax Unites Europe in Displeasure

Created: 15 Jan 2009

This is a beautiful example of how activist-pranksters can exploit bureaucracy's Achilles heel. The artist commissioned for this work, David Cerny "is notorious for thumbing his nose at the establishment," says the article. I mean, just look at his website. The man once ...

Utah Student Wrecks Federal Land Auction

Created: 02 Jan 2009

This guy is great. He saw an opportunity and jumped on it, disrupting a corrupt auction, costing major corporations money, and drawing attention to an issue that easily could have been buried under the mountain of year-end top 10 lists and countless other examples of Bush Administration ...

Candy Raver Russian Revolutionaries

Created: 02 Dec 2008

Not everyone has much faith in art-activism, but you can't please 'em all. Do symbolic protests accomplish anything more than raising morale for the protesters? If not is it enough to simply raise morale? Or do actions like this War prank create temporary autonomous zones and manifest, albeit ...

Larry Flynt Producing 'Palin porno' political parody

Created: 14 Oct 2008

I think the key line here actually comes at the end. "Whatever you think of Larry Flynt, the man knows his First Amendment," Kelly concluded. Seriously, that smut monger is a true champion of the First Ammendment, and we should all remember that the freedom of speech is the freedom to be ...

San Francisco to vote on naming sewer after George Bush

Created: 29 Jun 2008

Is this art? Is it activistm? Certainly, the power elite are not shaking in their boots over such stunts, but this just viscerally seems right. via: the Independet By Guy Adams in Los Angeles Friday, 27 June 2008 San Francisco Public Utilities Commission The plant that could be renamed ...

NYT – April Fool! The Purpose of Pranks

Created: 06 Apr 2008

By BENEDICT CAREY Published: April 1, 2008 Keep it above the belt, stop short of total humiliation and, if possible, mix in some irony, some drama, maybe even a bogus call from the person’s old flame or new ...