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Elliot Crown

Created: 23 Jan 2017

Images operate the same way that memories do; images have this deep-seated attachment to your mind and I ...

Miami's Community Avengers

Created: 11 Sep 2009

Have No Fear the Community Avengers are Here! As the right wing mob mobilizes to shut down democratic ...

Jonah Lehrer on Colbert

Created: 15 Feb 2009

The Colbert ReportMon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Jonah Lehrer Emotions vs. Rationality in decision making. Artists need

Oh Yes They Did! – artnet Magazine

Created: 21 Nov 2008

My take is a little different. If anything, I think activists are already excessively focused on the media. ...

Laugh at a Campaign Pitch? Sure. Visit the Grandparents? Not So Much. –

Created: 23 Oct 2008

MIAMI — When Sarah Silverman told young Jews to get their lazy rotund rear ends to Florida to

I’m Rubber, You’re Glue …

Created: 28 Aug 2008

by Jonathan Alter Published Aug 23, 2008 From Newsweek magazine issue dated Sep 1, 2008 It’s hard to ...

Game Culture

Created: 26 Jun 2008

Play is one of the earliest and most important activities of mammals; helping adolescents learn the skills they ...

How George Carlin Changed Comedy

Created: 23 Jun 2008

via: Time When the culture began to change in the late 1960s — when the old one-liner comics ...

John Pilger – Freedom Next Time

Created: 19 Jun 2008

This is great speech by journalist John Pilger on the powers and dangers of corporate media. I think ...

Hans Haacke

Created: 21 Apr 2008

Hans Haacke lecture Gallatin School, New York University, April 15, 2008 S&S: As a political artist, how can ...