2023 Unstoppable Voters Fellow Caroline Duble is fighting for Texans’ fundamental freedoms

Caroline Duble. Photo by Os Galindo.
Caroline in front of the Supreme Court

Caroline Duble (she/her) is a beekeeper, caretaker of dogs and chickens, and a born and raised Houstonian. She has spent the last decade busting abortion stigma, running badass field programs, and advancing progressive causes in Texas. She currently serves as the Political Director at Avow, an unapologetic, bold, and scrappy political advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring abortion access for every Texan, for any reasons they may have. Before that, Caroline spent 5 years at the ACLU of Texas building out their community engagement programs and teams. Caroline seeks to connect Texans’ individual experiences to state and local policy, in order to activate and harness the incredible power that Texans have to make change.

About Avow: Unapologetic Abortion Advocacy

We’re working for a better Texas: where every person is trusted, thriving, and free to pursue the life they want. Across the nation, abortion rights are under siege. Here in Texas, we face anti-abortion government and extremist policies at every level. These policies are rooted in patriarchy and white supremacy, and are backed by national anti-choice groups who don’t represent Texas values. It’s up to us to stop those policies here in Texas, before they are exported to other states across the country. We’re leading this movement and changing the culture with an unapologetic abortion-forward mindset. Through community-building, education, and political advocacy, Avow is securing unrestricted abortion care and reproductive rights for every Texan.

Caroline on being an Unstoppable Voters Fellow

In order to think expansively about voter engagement in a state as oppressive and fascist as Texas, we have to break the mold and try creative tactics that aren’t typically funded or prioritized in voter mobilization work. I’m so excited about the Unstoppable Voters Fellowship because it will help me connect the dots between all of the energy, creativity, ideas, and power that already exist in Texas, and harness it for good.

– Caroline Duble, Political and Advocacy Director, Avow: Unapologetic Abortion Advocacy